Spotlight: Size Wise™️ Closet Coach: A Solution For Overconsumption.

A few weeks ago, I connected with Damion Parsons on LinkedIn. He reached out because he believed we had a lot in common, and indeed we do. Damion and his team recognized some time ago that a significant number of fashion items purchased in the U.S. and Europe end up being either returned or never worn, ultimately being thrown away in landfills.

In fact, “the average return rate of clothing in the US apparel market sits at 20.8%” and, according to Statista, consumers are more likely to return fashion items than any other product category. But why is this happening?

According to the latest Statista report, size was by far the biggest cause of apparel ecommerce returns last year. And yes, we know brands have tried to address this issue, by adding size guides and product dimensions. However, sometimes (actually, many times), it is just not the same when you see it on a picture that when you put it on. Bodies are diverse and, although the measurements are supposedly correct, sometimes it just doesn’t feel right.

What I mean is that sometimes we see something on an influencer that looks really good on her, it’s very trendy and stylish and we just want it so badly (I know you have been there, too!). We buy it, but when it comes to our home, we try it and try it with different outfits but it doesn’t match the rest of our clothes, it doesn’t look as good on us as it did on the influencer and mostly, it doesn’t represent who we are at all!

When Damion told me about this, I felt so identified with those problems. Although at the moment, I don´t often buy online anymore, I did for many years, and I always felt the need to return most of the stuff I was buying. And that’s why I felt so excited about Damion´s project.

Size Wise™️ Closet A Solution For Overconsumption.

Size Wise™️ Closet Coach is an online platform that, after years of development, assists fashion consumers in making informed online purchases. Its goal is to help its clients establish a healthier relationship with clothes and accessories, ultimately reducing both fashion brands’ and consumers’ carbon footprint by minimizing returns and clothing waste.

This platform basically encourages people to buy clothes they LOVE and they want to keep in their closet forever. BUT WAIT, let me tell you how they do it.

First of all, Size Wise™️ Closet Coach offers a Size Calculator that takes your measurements for precise product recommendations. Additionally, users can receive personalized support through closet coaching and styling tips. After the sessions, the coaches provide users with a personalized Stylebook, which includes the best styles, fitting options, clothing shapes, haircuts, makeup, and accessories to enhance their natural beauty while expressing their unique style and personality. After all, isn’t that what fashion was made for?

Furthermore, it serves as an excellent tool for expanding your fashion community, as users can create public profiles to share inspiration with other fashion lovers.

Moreover, Size Wise™️ Closet Coach partners up with brands to provide users in the platform with purchase suggestions that align with their unique needs and preferences.

Free Google Chrome Extension.

If this was not enough, Damion and his team implemented a free Chrome extension, for their partner brands using Shopify, which allows their platform users to enter their size  preferences, in terms of fitting options and styles, to find immediately the items that are right for them. 

This is great because it helps fashion brands reduce their footprint, save money in returns, and it helps consumers feel empowered, beautiful and comfortable with who they are and what they own.

My Personal Experience.

Damion’s words sounded promising, but before writing about this service, I wanted to try it by myself. The service seemed almost too good to be true, and their social media presence was a bit shady (honestly).

I decided to book a 15-minute session with one of their fashion coaches, Myriam. We had a video call, and I have to say she was super professional and kind the whole time.

Myriam guided me through the process of taking my measurements, ensuring I did it correctly, and she also asked about my lifestyle and preferences.

After gathering this information, she identified my body type and offered a couple of styling tips that were actually very helpful. I loved that she took into consideration my preferences and lifestyle before providing the tips. However , my interview with her was defenetely my favorite part.

Clearly, my primary interest was in what she had to say about the project rather than my appearance. So, I threw some questions at her, and that’s when I fell even more in love with her and the project.

Here’s a transcript of our little interview:

  • What is fashion for you?

 “Fashion is a self-expression tool. When we look good, we boost our confidence. Feeling good with ourselves is an essential part for feeling good.”

  • Why did you decide to be part of this project?

“Most clothes we buy end up being kept in our closet, because they may be cute but they are just not for us. Other clothes are less fortunate and they end up being returned or buried in a landfill. This makes sense, because we are constantly pushed to follow ever-changing trends, but every skin tone, body type, and personality have different styles that fit better for them. So, following trends is sometimes frustrating for people, because they don’t like how they look on their garments. I want to help people feel empowered, unique and comfortable with who they are, with what they wear and with how they wear it, and I thought Size Wise™️ Closet Coach was an amazing initiative to help me get closer to my dream.”

  • What do you think about following trends?

“As a fashion lover, it’s nice to keep up with trends, but don’t follow trends that don’t make you feel good. Nor every trend is for us. It’s best to choose a timeless style that fits your personality or body type, this will make you feel better psychologically, save you time and money.”

After this interview, no wonder why Size Wise™️ Closet Coach was the first business in Etikal Media ́s Spotlight section, right?

For me, it is an awesome idea and a life-changing platform that can help brands and consumers save money, time and most importantly, REDUCE OUR CO2 FOOTPRINT!

If you are a fashion lover like I am, I guess you are already excited to check this out. So, check their website to find out more about the project. Also, if you´re a brand, I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Damion to partner up, because it’s a great solution for your returns and headaches, and it will help your brand become a little bit more sustainable by 2024. Keep in mind that small steps end up bringing big things.

Would you also like to be on Etikal Media´s Spotlight? If you are a fashion brand with a cool sustainable project, feel free to reach out.


  1. Reducing clothing waste requires addressing the issue of high return rates in fashion e-commerce. Our platform offers personalized support and precise product recommendations using the Size Calculator, which seems like a promising solution. Thank you for the spotlight! – Size Wise™️ Closet Coach

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