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Etikal Media believes that a social media agency should be more than a strategy and content-producing machine. A social media agency should be a reliable partner, that is transparent, and committed, and that only partners up with brands that have a common mission and dream.

Towards a more sustainable fashion industry

The fashion industry has become one of the most polluting sectors in the world, accounting for 10% of the total CO2 emissions. Besides, fashion is constantly violating human rights and making people (mostly women) around the world miserable. 


Although people are becoming more conscious about this issue, fast fashion industries are still making billions and they still are the most popular ones on social media.

What those brands do is make younger consumers believe they need to follow trends in order to be cool, through marketing practices that promote the overconsumption of clothes, and eliminate their own personality and self-expression rights.


Etikal Media aims to help sustainable fashion brands grow on social media, so we can build together a new fashion industry, where no one has to suffer, where we are in harmony with the planet, and where people can use fashion as a self-expression tool, instead of as a necessity of keeping up with the ever-changing trends.

Behind the brand

Hey there! My name is Sara, and these last three years I have been working as a digital marketeer in Spain, The Netherlands and Brasil. I have worked in several very different industries, but I was always very compromised to bringing the best results.


I have explored every digital marketing field. However, that one thing I love is social media. And that is because I believe it has such a big power to influence the thoughts and behaviors of consumers in a global perspective.


Since I was very young I was interested in the psychological part of marketing and also on fashion brands ethics. I was aware of the crimes big fast fashion brands, were committing in developing countries, so when I was 21 I stopped buying fast fashion and started relying on more sustainable alternatives, such as second hand stores and clothing swapping events (organized by my very loved University, BUAS).


So, from that time I started becoming more and more aware about those unsustainable practices and the damage fashion brands were causing into the people and the planet.


That’s why I came on a mission to do what I love to promote fashion as a tool for self-expression, instead of as a need for overconsumption.


Every brand or creator is different, and has different objectives and budgets, and I believe they need to be given different services, adjusted to their needs and goals. However, below you can find some of the packages I can offer, so you can have an idea of how I could help you grow.


Do you want to grow you social media presence, engagement, sales, or do you want to build a connected social media community around your brand? Here it’s how I could help you:

digital marketing consulting

Do you need  an effective and actionable plan to achieve your digital marketing goals? Here is what I offer:

influencer/ugc marketing

Are you looking to engage in influencer partnerships and UGC collaborations? Here it´s what I can offer you:

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