2024 Social Media Trends: Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest

On social media, the fashion industry is not just a spectator but a leading player, shaping and being shaped by trends on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

With AI entering the scene and the rapid technological advancements experienced in 2023, in 2024, consumers are demanding more authenticity, transparency, and community from brands. This trend is evident across every social media platform.

So, if you’re a sustainable fashion brand, let me tell you: you are in the right place. I’ve taken the time to analyze all the 2024 social media trends that will shape the sustainable fashion industry on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, keep reading because this article is just for you.


General 2024 Social Media Trends for Fashion Brands.


Product Placement.


We witnessed this trend in 2023, primarily on TikTok. However, in 2024, influencers and brands will capitalize even more on product placement. Have you come across those “Get Ready With Me” TikToks where influencers share their breakup stories? Well, in the comments, you’ll notice people asking about their clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry.

Product placement isn’t a new strategy; we’ve seen it since the early days of advertising in movies and celebrity photos. However, this year is gaining relevance on social media too. Why? Because it’s an authentic, organic, subtle, and non-aggressive way to promote and highlight specific products. When used strategically, it becomes a powerful branding tactic, as it associates your brand with a particular personality or image.


Non-linear Storytelling, Curiosity and FOMO.


According to a TikTok Trends 2024 Report, “ends of stories are starting first. Multiple story arcs can happen at once. Communities are making up fictional celebrities and narratives.”


This unhinged storytelling sparks curiosity among the audience, encouraging them to keep watching and even visit the creator’s or brand’s profile to discover more about that unconventional story.

This tactic merely consists on creating a story line and dividing it strategically among several days, weeks or months of social media content, in a non-linear way. It can even be applied to a single piece of content.


However, the success of non-linear storytelling relies on careful planning, as it can potentially create a sense of overwhelm and disinterest. Nevertheless, there are more simple ways for brands to implement this approach. For example, you could use the caption to mention something that happens in the middle of your video to encourage users to keep watching until they spot the reference.

While this trend will be prominent on TikTok, on Instagram, it will be a bit more subtle. Instagram users will still cultivate a sense of intrigue, curiosity, and FOMO. However, they will prioritize high-quality, structured, and shorter uploads, as is the norm on the platform.


Gated Content- IG subscriptions and Substack.

Factors such as fatigue from seeing only “suggested content” on Instagram, the desire among creators to have ownership over their content and the ability to monetize their pages, or the wish among brands and creators to build a deeper connection with their audiences have contributed to the rising popularity of gated content through Instagram subscriptions and other platforms like Substack.

This is a relatively new tactic introduced by social media platforms, and its long-term impact is still to be tested.

However, it presents an excellent opportunity for sustainable fashion brands to optimize their profit while maintaining low production and avoiding the encouragement of overconsumption through their marketing campaigns (Comment the word “GATED” If you´d like to learn more about how to use Gated Content to optimize your profit as a sustainable fashion brand).


Long-form videos are back.


The trend of following trending audios and dances is finally over. Yes, there will still be some social media trends per niche that will help us be part of certain communities. However, long-form videos are back (we can even notice that Instagram and TikTok have introduced longer-form videos. On TikTok, we can even create 10-minute videos now).

People are demanding more creativity, authenticity, individuality, and originality. So, doing what everyone else is doing is not cool anymore.


Nostalgia content.


With Gen Z revitalizing 90s and Y2K fashion, we anticipate brands embracing the nostalgia trend in 2024. This could involve using throwback music and other references or employing “vintage” promotions for product launches in a bid to relate to Gen Z and Milennial consumers. Anticipate a surge in influencers sharing nostalgic content as well.


TikTok Trends.


TikTok’s 2024 Trends Report has clearly shown us that this year, brands should embrace Creative Bravery and the Delulu trend while prioritizing unhinged narratives, trust-building, and a commitment to sustainability to create a successful TikTok strategy.


Creative Bravery.


According to TikTok itself, brands that blend curiosity with imagination, vulnerability, and courage will be able to build deeper community connections. TikTok is all about community building, and while this trend was present in 2023, in 2024, brands should essentially behave like content creators. Consumers want to connect with brands as they do with their friends. So, brands aiming for success on TikTok will have to bring their more personal and authentic side and mix it with a lot of creativity and originality.


Delulu – Delusional Comfort.


The word “delulu” is something we have seen a lot on social media during the last months of 2023. However, this trend will become only more relevant during 2024, mostly among Gen Z consumers. Delusional is a blend of fantasy and manifestation, adopting a fake-it-til-you-make-it persona for audiences to tap into, fantasizing about their hopes, dreams, or self-defined delusional realities.

We’ll even see invented celebrities, heroes, and narratives in some social media communities.


Curiosity, Intrigue, and Hinged Storytelling.


According to TikTok, brands will see the most success if they often bring curiosity and intrigue through unhinged narratives that create FOMO, flipping traditional story arcs.


Need for More Brand Trust, Engagement, and Transparency.


That people are every year more concerned about the environmental and societal impact the fashion industry has is nothing new. However, during previous years, we have seen a lot of “sustainable initiatives” that ended up being greenwashing. So, saying “Hey, I am a sustainable brand, and I do nice things for society” is not enough anymore. Actually, that can even be considered greenwashing.

TikTok said it, and we agree, that to build more trust and connect with your audience in 2024, it’s important to be open about your sustainability efforts. Sharing the steps you’re taking to be environmentally friendly not only shows your commitment to the planet but also helps your brand be more transparent and engaging. In other words, stop telling us, start showing us.


Instagram Trends.


This year, Instagram’s Trends Report was solely focused on Gen Z (there might be something going on).

Seriously, during 2023, Instagram has doubled down on Gen Z. Thus, it makes sense that they want to focus mostly on this generation, as Instagram recognizes that niching down helps reduce competition (smart move). Additionally, their new app “Threads” has been magically adopted by Gen Zs, making it a great marketing tool for 2024 (comment the word “THREADS” on this post if you want me to write a post just talking about this platform).

For their report, Instagram partnered with WGSN to survey Gen Z across the US, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea to discover what keeps them engaged on the platform—“from fashion, beauty, social media, dating, friendships, and more.”-

These are the trends that will be most relevant for sustainable fashion brands:





      • Preference for sustainable fashion practices. In 2024, top fashion trends include thrifting, buying vintage or heirloom fashion, repeating outfits, wearing clothes in unexpected ways, and DIY fashion.

      • Individuality. One-third express a desire to explore more creative and personalized ways of dressing. Gen Z places importance on defining their unique ‘core’ aesthetic. They aim to curate wardrobes that make them feel comfortable and confident, emphasizing self-expression and comfort. Expect the fashion niche on Instagram to become more creative with unique outfits, hyper-individualistic trends, and increased attention to accessories.

      • Shaved eyebrows are out, with Gen Z identifying this beauty trend as one they would like to see left in the past. If you’re still featuring models with no eyebrows, consider this your sign to stop.

    Social Media:



        • Gen Z plans to use social media to keep updates with the latest trends as a second priority, after strengthening relationships with friends in 2024. To be on top of the game for this generation, create content that helps them meet their goals—content they want to share with friends, relates to their personal identity/ lifestyle, or helps them stay updated on new fashion/niche trends.

        • Strengthening relationships involves sending memes and Reels on DMs, so create content you would actually share with your friends, especially if you’re a Gen Z too!

        • Gen Z is socially conscious, and aims to take action on important issues through educating themselves and others, voting, and using social media to spread awareness. They expect brands and celebrities to do the same.

        • 75% of Gen Z belongs to a fandom, with top global fandoms related to TV shows/anime, musicians, and video games. So, if your audience are Gen Zs and you want to connect with them emotionally, research on what fandoms they belong to, and make use of them through meme content, influencer partnerships or any other type of relatable, entertaining, inspiring or educating content that relates to that fandom.

      Lifestyle and Priorities:



          • Top priorities for Gen Z this year include staying healthy, exploring a career path, and traveling.

          • The next year is defined as Gen Z’s growth era, focusing on self-improvement and development. Gen Z’s top eras for 2024 include Self Improvement or Development, Lucky, and Unapologetically Myself.

        As a fashion brand, you need to engage and connect with your audience, building a connection beyond a one-time sale. Gen Z is set to be the generation that will spend the most in fashion in 2024. Thus, understanding their lifestyle, preferences, and priorities is essential for creating effective social media strategies.


        Pinterest Trends.


        Pinterest is an essential app for any fashion brand. If you’re not using it yet, consider this your sign to start incorporating it into your strategy for 2024. As Pinterest itself states , “People use Pinterest to plan for the future. This means that we have a unique insight into what’s going to be really big, really soon. Explore the breakout trends for 2024 and browse them on Pinterest—before anyone else.”

        So, I believe that including the trend forecast from Pinterest is crucial to gain a broader vision of what we will be seeing on social media during 2024. Of course, for this article, I focused solely on what’s going to matter for sustainable fashion brands because too much information is always overwhelming. So, here we go:


        Eclectic grandpa.


        This is my personal favorite. Yes, we saw  the grandpa chic on 2023, but now that is transforming to an “eclectic grandpa” style. 

        “In 2024, Gen Z and Boomers will embrace ‘grandpa core’ and bring eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes. Think retro streetwear, chic cardigans and customised clothing. Because the coastal grandma aesthetic is so last year.”

        But, the biggest popularity was for “Customised Denim Jacket”, with +355% search volume (yes, it´s back!).


        Hair with volume and oversized accessories.


        The searches for the term “big bun” went up by 230%. Are we coming back to the 2000s? I can see the nostalgia now!

        As Pinterest itself says: “Beauty and baubles will get bigger, bolder, and bouncier in 2024. Millennials and Gen Z will opt for oversized opulence, shopping for styles that match their ‘fluffy hair’ aesthetic. Sculptural jewelry and larger-than-life accessories will be on everyone’s minds—and wish lists.”


        Big Talk.


        “2024 will be all about getting vulnerable and forging deeper connections. Gen Z and Millennials will drive this trend, searching for new conversation starters and intimate questions to help couples reconnect. When it comes to making conversation, going deep is the way to go.”

        We are seeing this on every single platform. 2024 will be all about getting deep, intimate, and authentic. So, of course, brands should invest their time, energy, and money in connecting deeply with their community.


        Blue Beauty.


        “Aquamarine makeup is back and bolder than ever. In 2024, Gen Z and Millennials will search for ‘blue glam makeup’ and ‘pastel blue eyeshadow’ as they find ways to incorporate this ’60s staple into their modern beauty routines.”

        Why does this matter to you as a fashion brand? Well, trending makeup can really make a difference when styling your outfits. If you create timeless designs (which I definitely love), giving them a trending touch can make you stand out from other similar brands.


        Rest Stops.


        Not only is slow fashion top, but slow living is also (fortunately) coming on strong in 2024, and of course, this will be reflected in the travel habits of people. The term “slow living” was up by 60%, and “solo traveling” by 145%.

        “This year, people will plan trips that take it extra slow—and help them catch up on some solid shut-eye. Gen Z and Millennials will retreat to laid-back locales that offer the opposite of a jam-packed itinerary. Fewer nights out on the town, more lazy mornings in bed. In 2024, there’ll be no shame in your slowcation game.”


        Hot Metals.


        Another amazing accessory you can add for those timeless outfits are metallic accessories (mostly nails!). The search for the term “Nail Art Metallic” was up by 295%.

        “Cool silver tones and bold chrome are resonating right now. Melty metallics will make their way into the mainstream in 2024 as people trade in their trusty neutrals for something a bit more hardcore. Gen Z and Millennials are driving this heavy metal aesthetic.”


        Bow Stacking.


        I’m sure you have already seen this bow trend. But yes, it is here to stay.

        “Millennials and Gen Z will embrace the art of ‘bow stacking’ as they adorn their outfits, shoes, hair, and jewelry with this oh-so-delicate detail. Bow large or bow small, next year brings bows for all. So, this is another great option to decorate your fits if you want to embrace a less bold, and more cute and chic fashion style.”


        Jazz Revival.


        “In 2024, Millennials and Gen Z will trade in their electronic beats for something far more retro: vintage jazz. This trend extends beyond funk playlists: Jazz-inspired outfits, dimly lit venues, and lo-fi looks are all on the rise. Take notes as the younger generation looks to the past to make this saxy aesthetic their own. Because everything old really is new again.”


        I took the Pinterest trends that I believe could be more relevant to you as a sustainable fashion brand or creator. However, there are other very cool trends they are talking about. So, here is a link to the Pinterest 2024 Trends Report, in case you want to check it out.

        These were the social media that will be most important trends for sustainable fashion brands during 2024. I hope you found this article useful and make sure to apply these trends for your 2024 social media strategy to be on top of the game with your competitors and contribute to making sustainable fashion the norm.


        And remember, if you need help implementing these trends and optimizing your social media strategy to increase your sales, engagement, and build a deeper connection with your consumers, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with me. I’ll audit your page for free!

        Happy New Year! I wish your 2024 will be full of success, engagement, and growth!


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